Psychoacoustic Test Results

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SolidBlack Floor Underlayment

SolidBlack MD - TPO "Best"

Our top of the line underlayment is the most technologically advanced flooring underlayment available. SolidBlack MD is acoustically superior to other underlayments and offers great protection from moisture damage as well.
Acoustic Test Results: IIC72 - STC72


SolidWalk LT " Better"

Fiber pad with attached moisture barrier, lip (overlap) and tape included. For below grade, crawl space and basement floor installations over cement.
Acoustic Test Results: IIC58 - STC54

SoundBarrier Plus

SoundBarrier Plus "Good"

3N1 PE closed cell polyethylene foam with 3mil moisture barrier, 3" overlap and adhesive tape is an economical solution to your floor underlayment needs.
Acoustic Test Results:IIC58 - STC52

The above graph depicts how our three top selling products test psychoacoustically. The test measures how our underlayment products perform when measured against 3/4" oak hardwood flooring.

These test are not a measurement of decibel levels or transmission levels but how the human ear perceives the sound emanating from a lamiante floor installation.

All our products test very well to IIC and STC standards but our goal at PLI (SolidSoundTM) is to develop products that not only meet industry standards but perform better in real world applications.