SoundBarrier Plus - 3N1 PE Foam

SOLID SOUND™ Standard 3 in 1 Underlayment comes with 3 mil overlapping moisture barrier film and pressure sensitive adhesive lip. Our 3 in 1 product is our top selling underlayment and is unsurpassed in quality, durability, ease of installation and sound solidification. 3 in 1 underlayment is primarily used on a concrete sub-flooring or where the threat of moisture exist.

SoundBarrier underlayment - 3N1 PE Foam

Sound Barrier Plus - 3N1 LT Underlayment
(2 mil Film with Lip and Tape Included) 100 sq ft Rolls
Materials Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam, Film, Tape
Roll Size 100 Square Feet
Part Number A30274
Foam Color - White Film - Black
Thickness 1/16th Inch
Width 40” + 3” lip
Length 30’
Weight Per Roll 3lbs
Rolls Per Box 12
Boxes Per Pallet 12
Pallets Per Truck 24
Rolls Per Truck 3,456
Moisture Barrier 2 mil PE (Bottom)
Lip Extended 3" Beyond Pad Material
Tape Included On Film Opposite Lip Side
R-Value 1.3 – 1.6
Compression Set 13 – ASTM D3573-93 Suffix B
Thermal Stability Less Than 5% - ASTM D3573-93 Suffix S
Impact Sound Transmission:
ASTM E492-96, ASTM E989-89 Impact Insulation Class (IIC) = 58 Standard Classification for Determination of Impact Insulation Class designed to measure the impact sound transmission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly, in a controlled environment.

Sound Transmission Loss:
ASTM E90-99, ASTM E413-87 Sound Transmission Loss (STC) = 52 Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Classification for Rating Sound Insulation to measure the sound insulation properties of the test specimen, in a controlled environment.

Water Vapor Transmission:
ASTM E96, = 0.11g/hour per ft2
Determination of water vapor transmission of materials through which the passage of water vapor occurs.

SolidSound Installation
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