Corporate Overview

PLI-Solid Sound UnderlaymentPLI (Pak-Lite) is the leading North American manufacturer of laminate flooring underlayment, components, tapes, extrusions, insulation, floor underlayment, die cut parts, custom packaging, loosefill packaging and more.

PLI manufactured parts and components are found in thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers. They help protect automobile passengers and the vehicles they drive. PLI packaging and loosefill secures fragile electronic components in shipping. Pak-Lite also offers customers specialized packaging and cushioning materials as well as high-tech films and foils for OEM applications.

Our engineered products help control the noise transmission in all terrain vehicles, aircraft, marine vessels, laminate flooring and industrial/commercial facilities. Our lamination capabilities are second to none and specialty production processes like skiving, kiss cutting, die cutting, dampening, bonding, sealing, mounting and spooling make us extremely diversified.

Market-Focused Technology

PLI's designers and engineers work with customers to develop innovative solutions to specific applications. Our customer service representatives and sales associates are continuously trained and educated in the areas necessary for complete customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

PLI was one of the first foam converters / manufacturers to complete QS-9000 and ISO-9001 certification for our facilities serving the automotive industries.


PLI has established one of the largest manufacturing and distribution networks in North America to facilitate just-in-time delivery to all its customers.

Customer Service

Second to none.

History of PLI (Pak-Lite)

PLI (Pak-Lite) was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in February 1972 by Frank M Pritchard. The company began as a manufacturer of protective packaging products and in May of 1983 opened its second manufacturing facility in Mebane, NC.

In 1985, the leadership team at Pak-Lite consisting of David M. Pritchard, Stanley J. Beard and William H. Beard purchased the company from Frank Pritchard. Since that time, Pak-Lite has embarked upon a progressive path of product diversification and improved capabilities.

David and William still remain the owners of PLI and they continue to operate the company with an emphasis on simplicity and the basic principle of quality above all. They surround themselves with top leaders that in turn produce outstanding managers. This formula combined with enthusiastic team members consistently makes positive things happen on a daily basis.

In July 2004, PLI opened its 3rd state of the art facility in Suwanee, Ga. and moved their corporate offices to that location. PLI continues to invest in state-of-the-art skiving, cam cutting, laminating and spooling equipment which greatly strengthens it's product lines and value to their customers.