Better Sound Quality

Some laminate and floating wood floors have a reputation of creating a “clicky” or hollow sound when walked on. However, Solid Sound™ is designed to draw sound in and deaden it, not deflect it.

Solid Sound™ filaments are randomly air laid creating a capillary affect to cushion the floor, absorb sound, and help make floating floors sound more like fastened wood. SolidWalkTM is concept similar to QuietWalkTM a Mid-West Padding product only better because it has twice the moisture barrier and overlapping lip and tape for installation easy.

Installations Over Normal Concrete

Subsurface moisture or sweating from high-humidity on concrete can cause real problems for laminate or floating wood flooring. Solid Sound™ can absorb over 5 times its own weight in water without swelling or deterioration, while the vapor barrier keeps water away from your floor.

Since Solid Sound™ and concrete are both “breathable” capillary products, moisture levels and evaporation will fluctuate with changing atmospheric conditions and water tables.

The Ultimate Underlayment For Laminate Engineered and Floating Hardwood Floors

  • Insulates Cold Floors
  • Buffers the Transfer of Noise to Lower Level Rooms
  • Suitable for Use Over All Types of Industry Approved Interior Subfloors
  • Insulated Ceramic Tile and Grout From Damage Due to Concrete Subfloor Cracking
  • EPA Approved Anti-microbial Properties For Mold and Bacteria Control


  • Impact Sound Transmission: ASTM E492-90, ASTM E989-89 Impact Insulation Class (IIC) = 58. Standard Classification for Determination of Impact Insulation Class designed to measure the impact sound transmission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly in a controlled environment.
  • Sound Transmission Loss: ASTM E90-97, ASTM E413-87 Sound Transmission Loss (STC) = 54. Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Classification for Rating Sound Insulation to measure the sound insulation properties of the test specimen in a controlled environment.

SolidWalk MB - Fiber Pad with Moisture Barrier

Fiber pad underlayment for wood, laminate, floating wood and engineered wood floors.

SolidWalk LT - Fiber Pad MB with Lip and Tape

Moisture barrier, lip (overlap) and tape.